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Does DotActiv Offer Consultancy And Outsourcing Services?

This article will help you to understand the type of consultancy and outsourcing services DotActiv offers.

Applicable Products: DotActiv Enterprise

Planogram Services

DotActiv’s space planners will help bring your category management tactics and merchandising principles to life by creating data-driven planograms on your behalf.

DotActiv hires talented people who are certified with a Consumer Science or Marketing Degree and have completed the DotActiv Software Mastery Levels.

The space planner who is dedicated to your account will complete a series of meeting packs that will be used to understand your scope and details behind the required planogram.

For more information on DotActiv’s Planogram Services, click here.

Clustering Services

Clustering is an important category management principle that groups similar performing categories according to unique demographics.

DotActiv’s Cluster Services will ensure that you get quick access to the expertise, software and process required to make performance and productivity-enhancing category-based clustering decisions.

For more information on DotActiv’s Clustering Services, click here.

Assortment Planning Services

Choosing the correct product assortment is essential to create a pleasant shopping experience for your customers.

DotActiv’s assortment planning experts will assist you to create centralised and data-driven assortment strategies.

For more information on DotActiv’s Assortment Planning Services, click here.

Floor Planning Services

DotActiv’s floor planning services will ensure that you can implement data-driven floor plans that will reduce shopper congestion during peak trading hours and maximise shopper flow throughout your store.

For more information on DotActiv’s Floor Planning Services, click here.

Retail Business Intelligence Services

DotActiv’s experts can help to analyse your retail data to determine noteworthy findings or room for improvements.

For more information on DotActiv’s Retail Business Intelligence Services, click here.

Advisory Services

Our consultants have a lot of experience from many retailers in many sectors. Scheduling an advisory service with one of our consultants will help to analyse your category management principles and pinpoint areas for improvement.

For more information on DotActiv’s Advisory Services, click here.

Updated on September 10, 2019

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