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Why We Built PowerBase

Knowledge is power and that’s why we created the PowerBase. We want to share knowledge with the world so that anyone who is inspired to do great work with DotActiv’s products and services is empowered to do so without any holdups. The PowerBase is the official DotActiv knowledgebase where you can search for quick answers to specific questions that you may have about how to make the most of DotActiv’s products and services.

We believe in customer service and to do it right we know that we need to serve with empathy, in more than one way. The PowerBase works hand in hand with the online certifications offered on the DotActiv Academy, the live training offered by our friendly consultants and the support offered by our helpful IT team. It’s this combination that proves we are about your success.

Please Share Your Feedback

Nobody likes waiting for answers, and that is why we are constantly working to improve the PowerBase so that you can get quick answers to the questions you may have.

The feedback data for the Powerbase is analysed and reviewed on a weekly basis in order to ensure that we improve our article search effectiveness and article success. These analytics allows us to review the site feedback via the up/ down-vote buttons and comment section found below each article. Please see the screenshot below.

Your feedback is highly appreciated and we want to hear from you! If you felt that an article was helpful or unhelpful please tell us with just one click and add a relevant comment at the end of the article. Alternatively, if you could not find what you were looking for, you can also make use of our down-vote button along with a comment on the most relevant article to let us know. We will use this feedback to serve you better.