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Complimentary Services When Purchasing An Annual License Of The DotActiv Software


The purpose of this article is to explain the complimentary services that you will receive along with your annual purchase of the DotActiv software. This article will explain the service, the limitations thereof,  as well as the process to follow to claim your free service. 

What Exactly Does Our Complimentary Services Entail? 

At DotActiv we offer our annual software customers complimentary category management services. Depending on the software edition you purchase, our complimentary services include cluster optimization, assortment optimization and planogram development services. This means that we allocate one of our own resources to do the work for you! 

The services included in each DotActiv version are explained below: 

DotActiv Professional

When purchasing an annual license of DotActiv Professional, you will receive a:

  • 1 x once-off implementable planogram for a category of your choice.  

DotActiv Enterprise

When purchasing an annual license of DotActiv Enterprise, you will receive a:

  • 1 x once-off complimentary clustering optimisation;
  • 1 x assortment optimisation (once-off); and
  • 1 x implementable planogram service for a category of your choice (once-off).

The above services are limited to 150 SKUs per category. 

What Do We Need From You?

To enable DotActiv to deliver the services discussed above, we will require that you provide us with information regarding the category. This includes sales, units, product and fixture data as well as information about the category such as the category strategy and any merchandising principles that you apply within your organisation. 

Your account advisor will take you through the steps of what we need for each service. 

How To Request Your Complimentary Service

Once you become a DotActiv software customer, you will have an account advisor assigned to you. This will be your main point of contact at DotActiv. Once you are ready to make use of your complimentary service and you are able to provide us with the necessary information, you can contact your account advisor or you can reach out to us via our contact us page on our website.

For more information, you can refer to the article linked here

If you haven’t purchased your annual license yet, then you still have access to our free resources.

Updated on December 8, 2021

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