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How To Use The Change Category Tool

This article will enable you to easily manage naming conventions in the hierarchy display structure by using the change category tool found in DotActiv software.

Applicable Products: DotActiv Pro, DotActiv Enterprise

The change category tool is especially convenient when you want to check that your naming conventions are all spelt correctly to avoid not having the entire range on a planogram when pulling in a specific category.

You can use this tool to select products in the display hierarchy and change the entire group selection to the correct naming convention.

Finding The Change Category Tool

Open DotActiv and click on the ‘Data’ tab. Under the ‘Tools’ section, click on the ‘Change Category’ icon.

This opens the ‘Change Category’ window.

Select The Products

In the Merchandising Group, select the desired group. Then work your way down the display hierarchy until you reach the desired group you want to change.

From here, you will be able to identify whether there are categories with similar naming conventions that you can now change to just one category.

After selecting Category, it will populate the window on the right (in Red below), showing the Product Code, Barcode and Product Description of each product in the category.

Here, you can select the products which you would like to change by selecting or deselecting the box under the ‘Product Code’ column.

Select The Category

In the ‘Change Category To’ section at the bottom of the window, you can either select an existing category by populating the ‘Select From Existing’ drop-down icons and selecting the desired new Category name.

Alternatively, you can or add a new one in the “Or create new” drop-down list by typing in the desired new Category name.

Once you have made your selection, click on ‘OK’.

A pop up window will appear to confirm the change. Click ‘Yes’ if you’re sure.

Confirm The Changes

To confirm that the changes have been made, you need to visit the product view.

Go to the ‘Data’ tab, click on SQL under the ‘Show’ section and drill down to the selected category. Doing so will allow you to confirm whether all the categories have been added to the correct naming convention.

Updated on March 3, 2020

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