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What Are The Limitations Of DotActiv Free?

This article explains the limitations of DotActiv Free. It also covers the functions, resources and support included in this license edition of the DotActiv software.

Applicable Products: DotActiv Free

Upgrading your DotActiv software license or signing up for the 14-day trial will allow you to create planograms with no limits.

DotActiv Free is the perfect platform to use to evaluate our software. You can download DotActiv Free here.

Please note that you need to make use of a paid/ business email to be able to download DotActiv Free.

With DotActiv Free, you can access a variety of DotActiv’s software functions, including:

  • Planogram Generation,
  • Retail Analytics, and
  • Planogram Automation.

DotActiv Free has a limit of 40 SKUs on a single drop planogram.

What is meant by a ‘single drop’ planogram? See an illustration of a single drop planogram below:

DotActiv Free Limitations

While DotActiv Free is our free-to-use software, we have placed a few limitations on the product. We can divide these into planogram limitations and gondola limitations.

Planogram Limitations

  • A maximum of two FLPs (planograms) open simultaneously;
  • A maximum of 40 SKUs; and
  • A maximum of 40 rows of data can be imported from CSV to your FLP.

Gondola Limitations

  • A single-drop planogram;
  • A maximum gondola height of 180cm;
  • A maximum gondola width of 91cm; and
  • A maximum gondola depth of 45cm.

Apparel Fixture Limitations

When creating your apparel fixtures in DotActiv Free, there are limitations to the dimensions of the fixtures that you can create.

When creating these fixtures, the limitations will apply to your apparel container. The apparel container is what holds your fixtures. The same dimension limitations listed above are applicable here.

Please note, the above limitations are not present in any of DotActiv’s paid editions.

You can compare DotActiv Free against our three paid editions, here.

DotActiv Free Planogram Templates

You will also receive a series of planogram templates that work with DotActiv Free. These templates come with the following:

  • A Planogram (FLP),
  • Product Images, and
  • A Planogram Automation template (DPA).

IT Support

Even though DotActiv Free is our free license edition, you can still log a support ticket. After logging a ticket in the software, our IT team will be notified of your ticket. We will provide you with support as required.

DotActiv Free provides you with access to all of the functions regarding micro space planning available within the software and provides the perfect platform to get to experience the functionality of our software. Macro space planning (floor planning) is only available in DotActiv Enterprise.

To download and get started with DotActiv Free, click here.

Updated on August 23, 2023

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