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(3.2) Review And Action Data Prerequisites

The purpose of the review and action data prerequisites is to ensure that the cluster maintenance/cluster grid is updated on the floor plan, confirm with the Account manager that the planograms are updated, and check that the relevant planograms are available on the database. These fundamentals will form part of the floor planning set-up process.

3.2.1. Check That Cluster Maintenance/Cluster Grid Is Up To Date For All Categories On The Floor Plan

In order to start with Cluster Maintenance, a few data prerequisites are needed. With an integrated environment, Market Fields like Store Detail, have to be populated with the data received from the customer.

To capture any category clusters, ‘Merchandise Group’, ‘Department’, and ‘Categories’ must be classified within the Display Structure. This can be done for Primary or Secondary Display Structures. You can view your Display Structure in the SQL database. You can view and edit your database by following the steps here.


It is the Category Planner’s role to update and maintain Cluster Maintenance for their relevant categories. 

To ensure that the clusters are up to date, confirm which categories are being placed on the floor plan and ensure that you have access to the relevant planograms allocated to that cluster. If there are any discrepancies you should speak to either your Account Manager or the relevant Category Planner.

3.2.2. Confirm With The Account Manager That All The Planograms Have Been Updated With The Latest Ranges According To The ROS

After confirming that Cluster Maintenance is up-to-date, schedule some time with your Account Manager to verify whether the categories placed in the store are up-to-date in terms of the ROS. The floor plan needs to be assigned the latest planograms to give accurate data.

3.2.3. Check That The Relevant Planograms Are Available On The Database (Central Storage)

Once we have confirmation that Cluster Maintenance and the planograms are up-to-date, you need to access and extract the planograms. Go through the list of categories assigned to the store and check that the relevant and correct planograms are on the database. If there are any discrepancies speak to the relevant Category Planner or Account Manager.

Updated on January 24, 2023

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