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Duplicate ID Error When Saving A Planogram

The purpose of this article is to unpack the steps that you can follow if you are experiencing the Duplicate ID error while trying to save a planogram within the DotActiv software. 

Applicable Products: Dotactiv Lite, DotActiv Pro, DotActiv Enterprise

There are a few different errors that might pop-up while trying to save your planogram when using the ‘CSV To Shelfplan’ import option. We unpack one of these below. 

Key Product – Item Detail/Product Code Error 

When you receive the following error while trying to save a planogram, the software is notifying you that your product ID contains either blank or duplicate values. Please see an example of this error message in the screenshot below.

This would mean that your data has not been cleaned properly. It specifically refers to the Key Product field that you chose whether this was ‘Barcode’ or ‘Product Code’. This may be corrupted as per the example below or that you have blank values within your Key Product field. Alternatively, they can also be a series of zeroes – for example 6001000000. 

It’s important to ensure that your key fields on your planogram do not contain any blank or duplicate values. In the example below, you can see that the Product Code is blank.

If our Key Product field was correctly populated, we see the below after opening the Product Report.

The Key Product field must be fixed in the original dataset/CSV you imported into the DotActiv application.

You should open the CSV in Excel or OfficeLibre and check for duplicate data. 

Please read this article for a more in-depth explanation on how to format and upload your data.

Should the above steps not work for you, please create a support ticket and the DotActiv support team will assist you in uncovering the issue.

Updated on May 25, 2022

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