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Managing User Roles And Accessing Permissions

The purpose of this article is to help guide you on how to set up and manage new and existing user access and permissions within the DotActiv application.

Applicable Products: DotActiv Pro, DotActiv Enterprise

Creating Users

To access the user creation settings, click on ‘File’ and then select ‘Setup’. Under the ‘Database’ section, select ‘Users’, as seen in the GIF below.

Doing so brings up the ‘User Creation’ window as seen below.

Here we can add, edit or delete a user. To add a new user, click on the ‘Add’ button which will bring up the ‘User’ window.

Here, you must include the following:

  • User Name,
  • Password, and
  • Full Name.

Managing Access Permissions

Part of creating a new user is to set up their access permissions.

Before creating a new user, you need to set their access permissions. As seen below, you can tick or untick the boxes to give or restrict access.

Please note the ‘Setup users’ option should not be assigned to all users as this function allows a user to editing their own permissions and that of other users.

Please leave the ‘Setup Users’ box unchecked if you don’t want users editing their own permissions or the permissions of other users.

If a new user is an admin user, you can click on the ‘Select All’ option.

For a basic user, first, select the ‘Deselect All’ button and then tick the individual boxes they will need.

Click on ‘OK’ to create this user and save the settings.

Editing User Access Permissions

To edit the permissions of an existing user, click on the user and click on ‘Edit’.

This brings up the ‘User Settings’ window where you can change the settings. To delete a user, click on the user and click ‘Delete’. 

Be sure to give the correct access to the correct users as this will affect their access to both DotActiv software and the database.

Updated on November 19, 2019

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