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How To Alter Employee Leave

The purpose of this article is to show you how you can alter employee leave in Activ8 software. It includes crediting and debiting leave based on circumstances.

Applicable Products: Activ8

Altering Employee Leave

This functionality is used in instances where an employee had leave approved but ended up still coming in for work. It is for cases where leave was not logged but taken and must now be reconciled.  

After logging into Activ8, navigate to the ‘HR’ tab in the left-hand panel. Next, select ‘Leave’ from the drop-down list.

Then click on ‘Leave Maintenance’ to open a ‘Leave Maintenance’ window as seen in the GIF below.

Here you can alter the leave of an employee.

Altering Leave

First, select the desired employee from the ‘Employee’ drop-down list and then select the type of leave from the ‘Leave Type’ drop-down list.

Please note that if you select ‘Sick Leave’ from the ‘Leave Type’ drop-down list, this will automatically add a ‘Family Leave Type’ section. This will be applicable in instances such as a family death.

Crediting Leave

Next, you can select whether you want to debit or credit leave to the employee. 

The ‘Credit’ option is applicable when, for example, an employee applied for sick leave for four days but then only took two days off and came back to work (i.e two days of leave should be credited to their available leave).

Debiting Leave

The ‘Debit’ option is applicable when, for example, an employee did not apply for leave ahead of time but due to unforeseen circumstances has taken leave (i.e these days now need to be debited from their available leave). 

Next in the ‘From’ section, select the start date of the leave you would like to amend

In the ‘To’ section select the last date of the leave you would like to amend. 

Please note that once the dates have been selected, a ‘Work Days’ section will open. Here you now also have the option to allocate ‘Half Days’ if applicable.

In the ‘Work Days’ section check the ‘Half Days’ box next to the desired date. 

Once this box has been checked, you can then select whether the half day was in the morning or in the afternoon.

Adding Notes And Uploading Files

You can also add a note in the ‘Note’ field and upload any necessary files.

Work Days And Non-Work Days

The last section will show you a summary of the number of workdays that you are amending as well as the total leave balance the employee will have once you have completed the amendment.

Once you have filled in all the information, click on ‘Submit’.

Updated on October 28, 2019

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