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How To Review DotActiv’s Customer Service


The purpose of this article is to explain the principles and response process of our customer service reviews while unpacking the different ways to rate our customer service. 

Applicable Products: Activ8

Measuring customer satisfaction is vital for growth in any organization. It provides insights into what works and offers opportunities for optimisation. Customer satisfaction is essential for improving loyalty rates, reducing costs, and retaining our customers. 

We value your opinion and that is why we want to collect your feedback so that we can continue to strive for excellent service.

Let’s be honest, things don’t always go to plan. However, at DotActiv, we want to use this as an opportunity to encourage shared learning to reach the desired outcome. On the other hand, when we have done something great, we want to be able to give our staff the recognition they deserve and at the same time take this opportunity to inspire others. 

Key Principles

  1. The purpose of this process is to take customer service to the next level by uncovering and resolving customer service problems as soon as possible.
  2. All positive customer reviews/ feedback must be formally attended to. We can’t ignore the positive feedback. We should find out why our service was good on this occasion.  
  3. All negative customer reviews/ feedback must be formally attended to. We can’t ignore the review and make assumptions about the feedback. 
  4. We must close the loop with the customer to ensure that they are satisfied with the solution to their dissatisfaction. 
  5. We need to analyse all negative feedback to determine the root cause of the dissatisfaction. The root cause and its detail needs to be documented in a central place.
  6. We need to analyse all positive feedback to determine the root cause of the satisfaction. The root cause and its detail needs to be documented in a central place.

The Process

There are 3 different ways in which you can rate the service you received at DotActiv namely:

(1) Through our rate our service (Email banner rating);

(2) Through our tasking system Activ8;

(3) Through our meeting link reviews.

Rate our service (Email banner rating):

When communicating with any DotActiv employee via email, you will be presented with our rate our service email banner. This allows you to immediately rate our service, in just one click. 

Simply click on the face that best describes your experience (from ‘Not So Good’, ‘So So’ to ‘Good’). You will then be directed to a page that will allow you to give us more details about your recent experience with us. 

Your feedback is very important to us and we want to make sure that we continuously improve our service delivery. So if you were disappointed with our service or if you were really happy with our service we would really appreciate your feedback. 

Once you have selected the rating (or face) that best describes your recent service experience with us, our team will be notified and they will follow up right away. We would really appreciate it if you could fill in the feedback page (whether it’s good or bad feedback, we want to use this as a learning opportunity) since your valuable feedback helps inform our training, quality, and reward initiatives.

If you clicked on one of the faces by mistake, i.e you did not intend to rate our service ‘Not so Good, So So or Good’, then you can simply fill in the grey block on the feedback page to cancel your feedback.

Rate our tasking service (Activ8)

If you have recently had to log a task for one of our consultants through our tasking management system, Activ8, then you will also be asked to rate the quality of the service that you received. Once the task has been completed and you have “confirmed the task as complete” (i.e the task is now closed) you will be asked to rate “Task Name” completed by “Task Assignee” on a rating from 1 (very bad) – 10 (excellent). This will also be recorded and investigated weekly.

While there may not be a way for you to provide additional feedback per se, we will be in contact with you to find out more about what may have gone wrong or what it was that you liked about our service. Again, we value your feedback and we welcome any further information regarding your recent interaction with us.

If you have recently had a meeting with one of our consultants they would have sent you a Google Calendar invite link to join the meeting. Once the meeting has been concluded you may be asked if (a) you attended the meeting, and (b) if the meeting did take place how would you rate that DotActiv employee. The meeting review will tell you exactly which meeting this review is referring to and who the employee is that you will be rating. You will then have to select a rating from 1 (very bad) – 10 (excellent). This will also be recorded and investigated weekly.

We want to make it extremely easy for you to provide us with valuable input or feedback. So we would like to encourage you to use these platforms to let us know exactly where we can do better, what we should continue doing, or just to give us more information about your overall DotActiv experience.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Updated on December 2, 2020

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