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The purpose of this article is to provide support if you are unable to download a planogram.

Applicable Product: Activ8

Apart from all the various services DotActiv provides, we also have a Planogram Communication Tool integrated into our Activ8. This tool provides an easy way to communicate documents and planograms to retail stores which in turn allows stores to comment on planogram implementation and report any issues or concerns.

But what happens when a store struggles to download a planogram? What troubleshooting can they do? 

There are two main reasons for downloading issues when using the Activ8 communication tool:

The Retailer Internet Antivirus And Firewall Is Blocking The Download

In most cases, this will be the main issue for not being able to download the planogram. Planograms are downloaded as a PDF file and a PDF viewer like Adobe Acrobat can open and read all “.pdf” files. Changing the anti-virus and firewall settings will correct this. 

If a retailer has an IT department that oversees all antivirus and firewall settings, they will have to be contacted to allow the downloads from Activ8.

The Internet Browser Is Blocking Any Pop-up Windows.

By default, the internet browser will block any pop-ups from automatically showing up on your screen. When a pop-up is blocked, the address bar will be marked Pop-up blocked. But you can decide to allow pop-up by selecting it within the internet browsers settings and allowing the pop-ups for the Activ8 site.

Should you encounter any other downloading difficulties, please contact our DotActiv Support.

Updated on March 20, 2020

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