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The purpose of this article is to explain the support sessions that DotActiv offers once you have signed up for Activ8 and to provide a guideline for what each session entails.

The goal is to have a consultation with us first so that we can help you get set up to use our specialized software and introduce you to the main functions.

Training Sessions

Each company that signs up for Activ8, will have access to two free one-hour consultations with their HubSpot contact owner. We recommend that a main user is present from your side to relay the information to the rest of your users. You may have more than one person from your side in each of these sessions (for example, the HODs).

Once you have signed up, you will receive an automated email with a link to book a session with your contact owner. Once a meeting has been booked, you will also receive a customised agenda about what will be covered in the first session based on your environment. 

The recommended structure for the free sessions are as follows:

Session 1

During the first session, we will focus on the basic functions of Activ8 and getting you set up. This includes:

  • Basic overview of the software;
  • Setting up user roles;
  • Application settings;
  • Task management;
  • Leave and expense management; and
  • PowerBase.

The following articles might be helpful for this session:

Session 2

The second session will be focused on an area of the customer’s choice. This encourages the customer to do some self-study and exploration before this session in order to identify an area of interest.

Any additional support sessions will be charged at $100 per hour and these will be conducted by our Training Specialist.

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Updated on January 22, 2021

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