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What Are The Prerequisites For The DotActiv Cluster Maintenance And Optimizer Tools?

The purpose of this article is to provide every DotActiv prospective and current customer with the prerequisites to using the DotActiv Cluster Maintenance and Cluster Optimizer tools.

Cluster Maintenance and Cluster Optimizer each has their own prerequisites which will be unpacked respectively.

Applicable Products: DotActiv Enterprise

Cluster Maintenance

As clustering inputs for Cluster Maintenance, the following is needed:

  1. Current Clustering Setup

The current clustering setup needs to be specified. This refers to whether no clustering has taken place, clustering has in fact been used or if it is store specific. There also needs to be a clear indication of where which stores are assigned. In the event that no clusters have been created, all stores will be added to CLUSTER 1.

2. Store Detail

Other prerequisites include store codes, store names and the cluster detail for this, populated in their respective columns on the database. 

3. Drop Variations

Furthermore, the NODs(Number Of Drops) per category per store is needed.

Cluster Optimizer

For the Cluster Optimizer the following will be needed:

  1. A database will need to be setup;
  2. A DotActiv Enterprise edition is needed in order to run the Cluster Optimizer as this function is only available in this edition;
  3. The DotActiv Range Maintenance function would need to be populated. This should be done by range per category per store/ cluster;
  4. The DotActiv Cluster Maintenance function would also need to be populated. This includes the existing clusters and NODs per category;
  5. All product info should be classified on the database i.e. Product Barcode, ID, Brand, Description, Category and Subcategory;
  6. Fact info that is to be used to group your stores at a category level will also be needed i.e. Sales, Units and Profit;
  7. Period information is also required; and 
  8. Lastly, market information that you would like to use such as Store Format, Store Profile and Geographic Location will also be needed.

If the steps in the article above do not work for you, please contact our IT Support Team who is always willing to assist.

Updated on June 14, 2022

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