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Unpacking The Functions of Different DotActiv Editions

The purpose of this article is to explain the functions available in each edition of DotActiv to ensure that you can understand the capabilities of each.

Applicable Products: DotActiv Lite, DotActiv Pro, DotActiv Enterprise

DotActiv Lite, Pro and Enterprise all come standard with access to DotActiv Academy, live one-on-one training sessions and 24-hour technical support. Let’s unpack the software functions available in each edition of the software.

DotActiv Lite

This edition of DotActiv is recommended for beginners, smaller entities, or those on a tighter budget. DotActiv Lite requires manual data importing and allows planogram generation and planogram reporting.

Let’s look at what that means:

Planogram Generation

 This allows you to manually build out your planograms by creating gondolas and adding fixtures according to the exact dimensions of your fixtures in-store, and placing your items in the desired position on the gondola.

The customisable fixture types available include shelves, cassettes, hanging bars, clip strips, and pegboards. You can create a new gondola under the Space Planning tab as seen in the GIF below.

Planogram Reporting

This includes the Product, Fixture, Shelf, Plano, Stretch, Split Plano and Shelf, Plano and Shelf, Changes, and Plano Performance reports. You can also create custom graphs for a visual planogram report on attributes of your choice.

This function allows you to draw reports on your planogram to indicate where improvements can be made or to be saved as a PDF to be shared with the relevant persons within your organisation.

These reports can be accessed under the Reporting tab in your software as seen below:

You can choose to pay monthly, annually or upfront when purchasing any edition of DotActiv software.

Visit our pricing page here.

DotActiv Pro

This edition of DotActiv is recommended for retailers and suppliers who require an integrated database. DotActiv Pro includes all of the functions available in DotActiv Lite, as explained above, but also includes the following:

Advanced Retail Analytics

This allows you to build your own custom dashboards and report on any attributes that you require so that you and your team can fully understand your retail space. See image below on where to access these reporting tools.

Database Integration

An integrated database allows you to have a seamless flow of data to and from your software, saving you time and improving your accuracy. Our technical support team delivers this database integration service.

Once set up, data importing and exporting is automated and changes can be made easily.

DotActiv Enterprise

This edition of our software is our all in one category management solution. It includes all of the aforementioned functions but also has additional functions such as:

Store Clustering

The Cluster Maintenance tool is used to create and maintain your clusters and can be found under the Clustering tab in your DotActiv Enterprise software.

Clustering allows you to group your categories together based on certain criteria to offer an assortment that caters to the needs of that group’s target market.

Once your clusters have been set up per product category, the Range Optimizer will assist you in creating a range for each category cluster.

Assortment Planning

DotActiv Enterprise allows you to optimise your product offering to satisfy the specific needs of your target market. This is achieved using the assortment planning tool found under the Ranging tab.

This tool uses Rules, Templates, and Plans.  Rules are pre set up calculations that rank your products based on specific attributes to address the needs of your customers.

Floor Planning

A data-driven floor plan is a visual representation of how you have placed your product categories in store. This function allows you to determine the space that should be allocated to each category by considering the sales contribution for each category in the store.

This tool allows you to build out new floor plans, import existing .DXF files, and analyse it using the highlights function. The floor planning tool can be accessed under the Space Planning tab, as seen below.

If you have any questions about which edition of DotActiv is right for you, please contact your sales consultant to assist.

Updated on February 4, 2020

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