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How To Edit Fields On The Changes Report

The purpose of this article is to show you how to edit fields on the Changes Report. This feature is particularly useful if you wish to use different heading names to shorten column widths to fit your report.

Applicable Products: DotActiv Pro, DotActiv Enterprise

You will begin by running your changes report as normal by clicking on your ‘Reporting’ tab and selecting ‘Changes’.

You can then map your ‘Proposed’ and ‘Current’ Planograms accordingly. Make sure that your report type is ‘By Base Report’, click ‘OK’ and then ‘Yes’.

Your Changes Report should have pulled through correctly, as seen below.

Now that we have recapped, let us move over to how to edit fields on this report. By default, Key Product and Description are listed first and second on a report. 

However, you are now able to change this by clicking on the drop-down under ‘Changes’ and selecting ‘Field Setup’.

You will then be presented with the screen below. In order, to allow the current items to not change but rather have you remove them, you can untick the ‘Auto-include Product Key and Description’ button.

You can always include them by using the relevant drop-down function to add them in. These field names can also be changed to ensure that we shorten our width columns.

You can now run your report and you will find that your fields have been changed accordingly. 

Should the steps above not work for you, please log a ticket to our IT Support Team who is always willing to assist.

Updated on June 3, 2024

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