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The Ultimate DotActiv Reporting How-To Guide

You have access to a variety of standard reports and advanced reports within your DotActiv software. These reports act as a guide to analyze how space has been allocated and the reports are helpful to share with the rest of your category management team.

Turn your retail data into actionable insights. With DotActiv’s advanced retail analytics software you and your team will be able to create powerfully actionable category reviews that are customized to your own needs. Build your own reporting dashboards and visualizations using DotActiv’s custom report builder and link to data sets to bring them to life.

Why is Proper Reporting Necessary?

DotActiv’s reporting functions provide a number of different benefits, all of which assist you in measuring micro and macro performance.

What Types of Reports Can You Achieve in Dotactiv?

DotActiv’s reporting functionalities are split into two sections: basic reporting and advanced analytical reporting.

Basic reporting functions are related to micro space or planogram reporting which is available in DotActiv Lite, Pro, and Enterprise. 

Advanced reporting functions relate to macro space as well as retail analytics which is available in DotActiv Pro and Enterprise.

Basic Reporting

  • Summarise your product information, fixture details, and shelf attributes

The Product, Fixture, and Shelf Report provide you with a summary of your product information, fixture details, and shelf attributes, respectively. Having these reports available in an easy-to-read format reduces the time it takes to create your planogram.

  • Report printing options for your merchandising teams

You can use the Plano, Stretch, Plano & Shelf, and Split Plano & Shelf Report to print your planogram in a PDF format for the end-user. These reports also allow you to print in multiple formats as needed.

  • Evaluate changes between current and proposed planograms

The Changes Report allows you to compare your current and proposed planogram to understand any alterations you have made. You can gain insight into the improvements to your DOS and stock quantities.

  • Unpack your planogram performance

Lastly, you can use the Plano Performance and Custom Graph to analyze a variety of performance measures. You can use these performance measures to achieve and fulfil your strategic and financial objectives.

Advanced Analytical Reporting

  • Build your own custom dashboards and data visualizations

The Custom Report function is fully customizable to your specific business requirements. You can report on different dimensions including market, product, period, or fact. 

In other words, you can analyze figures for virtually any store type, cluster, geographic location, hierarchy, or brand, to mention a few. Make this data-intensive by linking to different data sources which include a single planogram or directory of planograms, database, or data cubes.

  • Report on stock availability by store

The Availability Report summarises the quantity of stock available per store based on a specific category. The benefits include forecasting as well as replenishment.

  • Analyze the financial impact of additional demand

Calculate the financial impact of making any changes to your ranges or planograms by using the Demand Report.

  • Report on planogram congestion by store, cluster, or category

The Congestion Report gives you an indication of how many products are placed on any given planogram. It can be set up either by store, cluster, or category. Understand how each of your categories is positioned relative to other categories at a shelf level.

  • Analyze product performance based on proposed vs existing planograms

The Product Performance Report allows you to compare the proposed versus existing planograms in the DotActiv software to show the overall performance of a product.

  • Reporting on space performance while comparing different data periods

The Space Performance Report allows the use to analyse a selected number of KPIs and compare them using different periods of data.

  • Report on cross-merchandised SKUs for all categories

With DotActiv’s software, you are able to report on SKUs that are cross-merchandised across all of your categories using the Cross Merchandising Report.

  • Report on proposed vs existing clusters

Summarise changes on the current versus proposed clusters and ranges using the Clustering Report.

  • Report on proposed vs existing assortment plans

Summarise changes on the current versus proposed ranges using the Ranging Report.

Floor Plan Reports

  • Report on your floor layout

The Gondola Report gives you a high-level summary of what each Gondola consists of on the floor. This includes measurements, how much space is left in the gondola and SKU count.

The Gondola And Floor Plan Report gives you the same report as the Gondola Report but this report includes the floorplan in the PDF.

  • Report on floor performance

The Floor Performance Report shows the performance of categories or departments across the floor i.e where the hotspots are and where the cold spots are. Hotspots refer to items that move fast and have the most traffic. Cold spots refer to the lower-performing products and where there is the least traffic. Any dead zones can also be identified in this manner.

  • Report on store fixtures

The Store Fixtures Report gives you a summary of the fixtures within that specific store.

  • Report on changes between a current and proposed floor plan

Reporting on changes when floor planning will give the user an overview of what has changed between the current and proposed floor plan. The user can also identify whether the proposed floor plan improves on specific KPIs or not.

Assortment Planning Reports

If you’d like to report on a range plan, you can do so by following the steps listed in this article linked here.

Common Reporting Questions & Answers

Can we batch print in DotActiv’s software?

Yes, batch printing is available. You will need to have the planograms, that you want to print, open in the software and select the report you want to print. From here, you can print multiple planograms.  

Is there a way to compare an initial planogram with a new planogram where changes have been made?

Yes. DotActiv’s software has a Changes Report. This report can be used to compare a current planogram with an existing planogram. The Changes Report will indicate any new products that have been added or removed and the subsequent impact on your expected profit.

Can the reports be customized or white-labeled?

The reports in the DotActiv software can be customized and white-labeled by adding in your own company logos in the reporting preview window.

What is a data cube?

A data cube stores a smaller aggregate subset of data from your database for easier handling. In the context of retail and DotActiv’s software, a typical data cube consists of four dimensions, namely Market, Product, Period, and Fact. You can break down these dimensions further, into sections or groupings and filter them depending on your requirements.

How can my team access the planograms? 

You can easily share your planograms to your team by printing your reports to PDF and sending them through to your team via email. 

You can also use Activ8’s planogram communication and implementation functions to streamline the planogram implementation process and to ensure that planograms are being implemented accurately and on time. 

Updated on September 30, 2023

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