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How To Integrate Activ8 And DotActiv

This article will help you setup DotActiv integration with Activ8 for planogram communication.

Applicable Products: Activ8, DotActiv Pro, DotActiv Enterprise

Set Connection Settings

Navigate to Administration, and then Application Settings in the left menu bar.

If this menu item does not exist, you may not have permission to change these settings.

On the ‘DotActiv Integration’ tab under the general settings, complete the database connection details, test the connection and set the additional settings:

Save the settings and refresh the current page to apply the changes.

Set Store And Planogram Display Structures

On the ‘Store List’ sub-tab, select from the dropdowns the options that best match each description for the store detail.

On the ‘Display Structure’ sub-tab, select from the drop-downs the options that best match the desired tree display structure for planograms.

Save the settings to apply the changes.

The DotActiv Integration settings are used in conjunction with DotActiv Import Utility to effectively communicate store planograms to the responsible persons.

Please see the DotActiv Import Utility article here for more information on importing planograms for communication.

Updated on November 14, 2019

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