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How To Fit A Planogram To Screen

The purpose of this article is to help guide you on how to fit planograms to your screen while working in DotActiv’s software.

Applicable Products: DotActiv Free, DotActiv Lite, DotActiv Pro,
DotActiv Enterprise

Fitting Planograms To Screen

With a planogram open, navigate to the ‘Tools’ tab. Then select the ‘Fit To Screen’ icon found in the ‘View’ section.

This tool is convenient, especially when working on a zoomed-in area on your planogram as it quickly fits the planogram to your screen so that you can have a look at the entire planogram without the hassle of zooming out.

Alternatively, you can also use the shortcuts to zoom in and out of your planogram. Read more about the shortcuts within DotActiv’s software in this article here.

Updated on February 17, 2021

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