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How To Add, Edit And Delete User Roles

The purpose of this article is to explain how you can add new roles in Activ8 software. We also explain how you can edit and designate and delete user roles.

Applicable Products: Activ8

Adding New Roles

After opening Activ8, navigate to ‘Administration’ tab in the left-hand panel and select ‘Roles’.

In the ‘Roles’ window, click on the blue ‘+New Role’ button to begin adding a new role.

Fill in the required fields of the new role with the necessary information. That includes a role name and description and selecting whether or not it’s a manual task assignment.


Next, select the different functions that the new role can access in Activ8 found under ‘Control Name’. This includes ‘Access’ and ‘Write Access’. Write access allows a user to edit that specific function.

Once you have included all the functions for the new role, you need to select the role that it has access to.


If you want the new role to have the same accessibility as other previously created roles, select those that apply.

Once you’re happy that you’ve added everything, click on ‘Save Role’ to create the new role.

Designating Roles

If you want to designate any newly created role to a user, first, navigate to ‘Address Book’ tab in the left-hand panel and select ‘Staff’.

Next, find and click on the employee that will be given the role to open their profile. Click on the ‘Account’ tab.


As seen above, in the ‘Roles’ field, you can add a new role by clicking on ‘+Add’. To remove a specific role, click on the ‘X’ next to the role.

Once you have added all the necessary roles for the employee, click on ‘Save Changes’.

Editing Roles

After opening Activ8, navigate to ‘Administration’ tab in the left-hand panel and select ‘Roles’.

Next, select the role you’d like to edit – Basic User, for example – to bring up the following window:


Here, you can edit all settings as you wish as well as decide to who you would want to assign the role.

To update any changes, click on ‘Save Role’.

Deleting Roles

After opening Activ8, navigate to ‘Administration’ tab in the left-hand panel and select ‘Roles’.

In the ‘Roles’ window, you’ll find a list of the current user roles available to you. If you want to delete one, hover your mouse cursor over the role until you see a red ‘Remove’ button.


Please note that once you delete a user role, you will need to recreate it from scratch.

If you are happy that you won’t use the specific role again, select ‘Remove’.

Updated on August 4, 2021

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