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Creating And Sending Company Announcements

This article will help guide you on how to send out an announcement to all and selected users in Activ8 software.

Applicable Products: Activ8

Creating An Announcement

After opening Activ, navigate to ‘Administration’ in the left-hand panel. 

Select ‘Announcements’ from the drop-down menu to open the below this window.

You can begin typing your message or announcement in the ‘Message’ block.

Importance of Message

Next, select the importance of your message. There are four different types available:

  • Low Importance – The message (in blue) does not require immediate or any action;
  • Medium Importance – The message (in orange) may require a moderate level of action;
  • High Importance – The message (in red) requires immediate action or should be treated as a priority; or
  • Positive Importance – The message (in green) is intended to provide positive feedback.

Announcement Actions

If your message requires users to take action (for example, reading a document, watching a video or any other source that can be attached a link), you can indicate this in your message.

If you would like your message to encourage users to click on the link you might add the text that you want displayed as the ‘button’ that they must press.

This text would be inserted under the ‘Action Button Text’. Followed by the link that you would like to add, which would be added to the ‘Action Link’ section.

Choosing Users

You can then navigate to the right-hand side of the page where you need to select the specifics of the users that you would like to address. 

This section includes qualifying criteria such as:

  • Region – If you have departments split up between various regions you can select specific regions or all the regions;
  • Roles – If you only want to reach users with specific role i.e Line Managers or Sales etc;
  • Departments – If you only want to reach certain departments i.e Sales; and
  • Based At – If you only want to reach those people based at a specific location.

There will be a drop-down list that will bring up all the users that apply to the chosen criteria, and who will receive this message.

You can also choose to remove some of these users if need be. You can do so by unticking the tick next to their names or by selecting ‘Remove’.

Sending Announcements

Once you are happy with your message, the action links, and the users, you can select ‘Send Announcement’ to send your message.

Once users refresh their page or reopen Activ8, the announcement screen will appear and they will be required to select ‘Read and Acknowledged’

Now all or only selected users will receive the message or announcement you created. Those who you chose to receive your announcement will also get a notification via email.

Updated on November 14, 2019

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