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How To View Images In Gallery

The purpose of this article is to explain how you can view images in the gallery accessible in Activ8 software.

Applicable Products: Activ8

If a user has completed a visit task on Activ8 where they had to upload an image, you can go view the image at a later stage.

Navigate to the ‘Reporting’ tab in the left-hand panel and then click on ‘Gallery’ from the drop-down list.

Doing so takes you to the gallery where you can sort between ‘Suppliers’, ‘Retailers’ or ‘Merchandisers’ tabs. 

Viewing Images

To view any image uploaded by a user, select the appropriate tab.

Next, click on your chosen image to view the details.

In doing so, you’ll be able to see details such as the name of the user who uploaded it, the area and how it was uploaded.

You can also choose to download or delete the photo from your gallery. To do either, first, select the image and then click on ‘Download Selected Images’ or ‘Delete Selected Images’.

Updated on November 14, 2019

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