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Reporting On Additional Demand For Proposed Vs Existing Planogram

The purpose of this article is to provide you with a clear step-by-step process on how to report on additional demand and compare a proposed planogram against an existing planogram.

Applicable products: DotActiv Enterprise

Creating A Report On Additional Demand

To create a report on additional demand for a proposed planogram, your planogram first needs to be linked to its relevant store.

With a planogram open, ensure you are in the ‘Reporting’ tab. Once there, navigate to the ‘Advanced’ section and find ‘Demand’. Click on it.

Once selected, the ‘Map Planogram For Comparison’ window appears.

Proposed Planograms would be the new planogram that you have created. Current Planograms refers to the current planogram in store. Also known as the ‘old’ planogram.

You now have the option to either choose the files from a directory or use open planograms to create the report.

The GIF below indicates how to map individual planograms to report on the additional demand for the newly created planogram.  

When you’re finished mapping your planograms, click ‘OK’.

You will now be able to view the ‘Changes Report’ and the ‘Additional Demand Report’ as well as the ‘Additional Demand Report’ Totals.

You can learn more about how to generate and interpret the Additional Demand or ADDM Report in this article.

Should the above steps not work for you, please create a support ticket and DotActiv support will assist you in uncovering the issue.

Updated on May 4, 2021

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